Sunday, 10 October 2010

At least the airport's open...

Earthquake at 5.9 on the Richter Scale, the Panamerican highway closed down by landslides, the capital cut off from the Pacific coast likewise and the dockers threatening to strike.

Lucky I'm arriving by air......

I am making the move from France to Costa Rica, leaving my house unsold behind me, in need of a fresh  blast of air in my life.

I am not looking for an ideal...I am certainly not about to 'live the dream'...and I know that Costa Rica is no paradise, but it will give me what I need for the moment.

A breathing space. Time to take stock. Recovery time.

Then we'll see.

At least, that is the idea, but I know from experience that that is not what will happen.
I'll get caught up in things, life will start winding tendrils round my ankles and I'll soon find it hard to distinguish the rainforest from the trees.

Still, welcome to my discoveries in the land of the plastic bag.....the one in Central America, on the thin bit, just north of the one with the canal.....Costa Rica.


  1. will be absolutely brilliant. I know it will! Can't wait to hear about your adventures. :)

  2. Hadriana's Treasures, I am glad you found it!
    I thought I'd do some little introductory bits as while most people have an idea of France in their mind, I don't think that that goes for Costa Rica.

  3. So glad to find you here Fly! Can't wait to hear all about your Costa Rica adventures, more revealing stories and eye openers no doubt! Thinking of you and your fresh air...smiling for you!

  4. Frances...well, it will certainly be a change!
    Thanks for looking in and for your good wishes.

  5. Hello Ms. and Mr. Fly,

    Happy to see you made it...if you want to look up stuff on Costa Rica, try ecotravel.

    I hope you'll enjoy your time and get what you need.

    I can't connect here through my reader for some reason, so I went to French Leave and on to your profile page...

    Waiting with anticipation for your next adventures.

    PS: Let me know if you want help with Spanish!

  6. are such a super person!
    I'll try ecotravel.
    We've had the holiday house for about five years so we have had a chance to get to know people...and have had adventures both good and bad!
    Mr. Fly was a student in Madrid when young, so his Spanish is fine..mine needs uypgrading!
    I can read it without too many problems at a basic...not literary...level, and if I am alone I'll muddle through, just as I did iin France in the early days.
    Just like France, all my neighbours speak patois!

  7. No sooner than I find you and you are in France then you move to Costa Rica! I feel like I am having some sort of crazy flashback through your life here!

  8. Mammasaurus, crazy is probably the word for it.
    Over twenty years in France and then...for reasons revealed in the French Leave blog....the holiday home in Costa Rica became permanent!