Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Just for it's Oscars' time.

Enough of the British domination of drama.....give the misunderestimated Americans a chance.....

I am indebted to Charon QC for this.


  1. This had me rolling around the floor - wonderful!

  2. I loved wonder Blogger messed it up!

  3. Brilliant! Of all the things on US television, I think the only thing I really miss are the late night comedians. (they miss frequently, but when they're good, they're wonderful.)

    I really am enjoying the new blog. (tho, of course, I still keep reading the old one. I've only just discovered "Costa Rica calling")

    Your observations continue to delight. AND I love the photos from your Costa Rican paradise!


  4. long as Tyson didn't teach him any of his less salubrious habits....

    truestarr, fun, wasn't it!
    Glad you're enjoying a view of Costa Rica....though I haven't finished with France yet...

  5. OMG!!! I never laughed so hard...Absolutely brilliant!!!

  6. Out Bluddy Standing Fly!! I’ll be wearing this one out a bit more on replays in the coming weeks. I’m more than a little renowned in my community for being a merciless detractor and guffaw-er of that king of the all time muppets. I could easily contrive a whole blog devoted to the lambasting of this..this..this…complete and utter W#%**@>$&***%$!

    Except his cronies are still crawling around the sewers of Washington, so Google would go and bomb it out of the Blogasphere within hours. Still haven’t managed to catch up with the original film yet. Much to my regret.

    And…whoever it was who voice and acting coached Mr Tyson for his role in this – deserves a double oscar in his own right, cos he brought tears to my eyes too. Bless him.

    Separate topic re your ongoing love affair with Blogger – the following is all that appeared in my dashboard earlier, and when I tried to view it of course – it came up as a ‘page could not be found’ as you probably well and truly know by now:

    Blast Blogger!

    posted by the fly in the web at French Leave - 1 day ago
    I am having problems with Blogger on my other blog Costa Rica Calling. I cannot get it to do what I think is called enabling post pages so that people kind enough to follow the blog are alerted to a new po...

  7. Phil, well that'll give Jimmy a thrill...
    And I'll add that Bushism to my collection!

  8. (Whoops! Sorry, but I've just spotted a key 'word'omission in my now ‘ex comment’ above. Dunno about ‘spellcheck’, looks like I need a ‘jokechecker’ as well. Dohh!)

    Thanks for the links here Fly. I will have to grab that video for my collection, that’s a definite. I’ve also just been thinking about bunging it on my blog with a perma link to this post and Glasgow Jimmy’s too. It well and truly deserves it! Here’s one of my favourite Bush jokes for you, although you may well have long since heard this one:

    George Bush senior talking quietly to George Bush Junior:
    ‘Son, you’re making the same mistake in Iraq as I made with your Mother. I didn’t pull out in time’

    I’ll be hopping up to Glasgow Jimmy’s sometime later in my best pleated tennis skirt.

    Thanks for the ‘word’ Fly. x

  9. Funny thing, this, but I miss Dubya. You could always depend on him to make you laugh when he opened his mouth. Not a man to be overunderestimated. No sir.

  10. nodamnblog, I agree. Obama just can't match up to his standard....mark you in this household every time Obama appears Mr. Fly disappears muttering
    'Mau Mau'....