Sunday, 23 October 2011

It never rains but it pours...

wet, wet dogImage by Ilja via FlickrWe have the rainy season..the mornings are hot and sunny and then it pours and thunders in the afternoons.
The prudent housewife washes her clothes and bed linen early.

But now we also have depressions over the Caribbean.
Rain all day.
Rain  all night.

This house is in the clouds most of the day.

How do I bless the day that I grew up with the old tradition of washing clothes and had enough in your trousseau to ensure that you would not run out of sheets, shirts and chemises before the six monthly big wash took place.
Washerwomen came round to undertake the task...
After beating the fabrics on stones on the river bank to release the blood, sweat and stains,  the spots which were left would be lifted away by the home made soap and the supply of hot water which drove the farm hands frantic with the demands for yet more wood for the fires under the coppers...

I saw the last of that era in my early the time I'd grown up the washing machine had taken over, even in the country, and easy care fabrics were all the rage.
But I still hoarded sheets and pillow cases...and I'm glad I did faced with day after day of rain and no prospect of drying things.

My troubles are as nothing compared to those of people in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and many deaths, so many homeless as the continual rains produce landslips and in Costa Rica, out of the main blast of the weather system, there have been five deaths so far, evacuations to refuges and the Inter American highway is closed as often as it is open, but the worst thing that has happened locally is that the electricity lines came down, closely followed by the telephone lines.
I felt really sorry for the repair crews, soaked despite their oilskins, trying to replace posts in sodden ground, going from door to door to check on the service.... too busy even to stop for a coffee.

It is not encouraging to go out, so it was lucky that a parcel of books had arrived just before losing the internet...I had plenty to read and plenty of time to do it in as the coffee had been blown to the ground by the storms leaving nothing to pick until the next lot ripens in about a week's time.
By which time I hope that our chief picker has recovered from an insect bite which blew his arm up to five times normal size and sent him to seek attention at the local hospital.

The chickens disapprove and the ducks strongly dispute the claim that rain is 'fine weather for ducks'.
They sit gloomily on the edge of the tilapia tanks, only shifting slightly to release excrement and then resuming the hunched posture of deep misery.
They could go to shelter in their pens...but that would be too easy. They could not express as much resentment that way.

The pig doesn't seem to worry. She turns up in her pen at feeding times, then skids off down the hill again on her quest for roots, startling the cattle as she swooshes by like a four legged downhill skier.

The dogs definitely do not approve.
A dog who has nipped out in a dry moment to answer a call of nature does not appreciate being caught  in a downpour before completion of mission and is reluctant to repeat the experiment.
Shut out on the porch until forced to perform before being allowed back in the house is not their idea of life and it won't be long before their shop steward approaches me with the updated canine version of the contract of engagement of seamen on the sailing ships carrying coal from Newcastle to London....

'Duff out, dumpling home
Poop in the cabin foul weather'.....

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  1. Now that's what you call real rain! And the dogs really hate it don't they? When does the rainy season end? Soon I hope!
    Stay safe xxx

  2. Ayak, officially it ends in mid November....not to be seen again until May, by which time you're longing for it!

  3. The perfect excuse to lie on the sofa and read.


  4. Wow, that's impressive rain. It's just started raining here, the first for weeks. The sky is so dark it's difficult to believe daylight is behind it.

  5. Makes you realize that only countries with a temperate climate can kid themselves that they have conquered nature... of course, one covering of snow this winter and the UK will be bleating its pain once again. It doesn't really compare, does it?

  6. excuse needed!

    Sarah, it fees quite strange to walk out onto the balcony in the morning and find yourself in a cloud!

    Steve, and one bout of snow in rural France and the place was paralysed!

  7. Your chickens and ducks sound French! I can almost see them shrug,miserably, whilst not going into their dry shelter. "Bah! It's daylight, is it not! We're outside in the daylight!"

    As always, no matter what side of the Atlantic you are on, I continue to enjoy your posts.

    I will say snap, as my next post is about dirty paws and why we do not have permission to flow in and out of the house when we are covered with mud. (but it hasn't gone up yet, as I am still laughing over the pictures).


  8. truestarr, how lovely to hear from you!
    Dirty paws are universal...either mud or dust...or something unmentionable that just was crying out to be rolled in...

  9. I've been wondering about you and how you're getting along, Fly. December to May was always my favourite time, the dry season. The rains seem to have become more violent or is that merely my imagination?

    I'm reading a gothic thriller by a UK writer, SJ Bolton, recommended by another blogger. If you want a peek at the Virtual Book Club Blog, visit my profile and click on that.

  10. e, the bad weather is supposed to be an effect of La Nina....but if it isn't that then it's a hangover from El Nino.
    I'm just catching up after some days with internet...landslips and telegraph poles don't go well together, but I'll be over to take a look.
    Thanks for the tip.

  11. That's serious rain! I hope that you're safe and I'm sorry to read of the devastation that rain can cause. To think we spend most of the summer here wishing for rain.

    As for the washing, well I love hoarding too, I will now tell Mr Piglet that it's in case it rains :)

  12. PigletinFrance, it's getting better...but the devastation in other Central american countries is it is mainly roads closed.
    We're lucky where we are, especially in terms of the nature of the isn't prone to slips...neither is there much deforestation on the hills, which is another trigger.

    There is always an excuse for hoarding!
    Says she faced with the consequences of same as having to move everything while the house interior is being painted...

  13. Crikey, Fly, that's what I call wet weather! Sadly I've just looked in vain for a mention on the BBC website of the rain damage in Latin America. It sounds dreadful and yet this is the first I've heard of it.

  14. Perpetua...I have the photograph, not the no go sign!
    No, Central America doesn't figure very much for the British news, does it?
    BIL had coverage in Australia, and friends in France saw reports as well so we're not totally ignored.
    I wonder if the BBC will cover the disputed elections in Nicaragua?