Friday, 18 November 2011

Speak Out - Domestic Violence

Something brushed under the carpet in too many societies.

Something thought of as happening only among the lower orders.

Something that doesn't happen to you.

Well, lift the carpet and recognise what is under it.....domestic violence is a stain on society and it needs to be recognised and rejected.

Costa Rica knows there is a problem.
The traditional 'macho' society has two sides....the man who feels responsibility for his wife's happiness and the man who feels that his wife is a chattel, worth a bit less than his car, to be caressed or kicked at will.

Costa Rica is trying to tackle the problem.
Family courts, protection orders, financial provision for women and their children, associations to financially empower women.....they're doing it.
They recognise that domestic violence is about control, and the remedy is giving women independence.
It's not easy, there are no sudden advances, but the will to do it is there.

Costa Rica has lifted the carpet and is sweeping hard.

This short post is in support of Speak Out...a day to bring a dirty secret into the open...and started with Wanderlust's blog, which is well worth a visit.

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  1. A great initiative. Just seen it. I'm glad Costa Rica is tackling the problem.

  2. Sarah, I wonder if in a way it's easier in an openly macho culture than in one which thinks itself more sophisticated...but isn't.

  3. Three cheers for Costa Rica... well ahead of the game compared with so many so-called developed countries.

  4. Steve, I'm not saying it's wonderful...but there's a real effort to reach women and find solutions.

  5. My lovely friend - aren't I rotten at keeping in touch? It doesn't mean that I do not think about you (oopsie, a double negative there). Will be around more I hope in the future.

    Hoping you and L are doing well

    Julie x

  6. Julie! Great to hear from you...and I'm not too hot at the keeping in touch stakes either!
    Both well and happy, thank you and trust you are too.

  7. What a great idea to work together on a subject like this. I'm very glad to hear Costa Rica is tackling the problem, which is present in every society. I've had enough to do with our local women's refuge to know that only too well.

  8. Perpetua, the worst thing is that the women concerned feel if they have failed.....
    It was a pleasant surprise to find that Costa Rica takes the problem seriously at a government level, not leaving everything to charitable organisations.

  9. What a great initiative. Other countries could learn a thing or two from Costa Rica's approach.

  10. Niall and Antoinette, it's by no meansd perfect, but it's working on it.
    They've managed to harness the other side of the 'macho' coin....the woman as respected mother of the family...and used that to push the work of combating domestic violence.

  11. May the entire world make progress in this awful area. Was just reading somewhere that a surprisingly high percentage of women in the Oise dpt in France have been victims of abuse. I'm wondering how France compares to other countries. Didn't "romantic" love originate in France ?

  12. Owen, yes, I believe the southern areas of France with the troubadours.

  13. Thank you so much for linking up and adding your voice to the Speak out campaign. My apologies for taking several days to come by and comment. I had to take a breather after reading so many accounts of DV.

    I recognize your name from Steve's blog and saw the comment you left on his post. Nice to 'meet' you and thank you again for supporting the initiative.

  14. Wanderlust, no problem.
    I don't do misery lit, all I can do is show what's being tried here.
    Steve is a great person for spreading the word.