Wednesday 20 April 2011

They're doing it live again....

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We came back early from San Jose yesterday, laden with tomatoes for making sauce...and had to wait half an hour for Danilo to collect us, as arranged, at the bus stop at the end of the valley.

While we were waiting, his sister appeared, having walked from the town centre with her shopping, so we invited her to wait with us for a lift.

The heavens opened...the rainy season is early this year.

We sat under the bus shelter...the sister's umbrella covering our feet and legs...while bolts of lightning sizzled around us and the rain bounced, steaming, from the road surface.

We chatted.

When were the Good Friday processions starting?

Oh, about eleven o'clock, I think, but the full programme is available in the church.

Same as always, then?

No...they're doing it live again this year. They stopped a few years ago and now they're starting again.

What do you mean, live?

Well, live...they're nailing the guy representing Christ to the cross outside the church. and the two thieves as well.

I don't know whether to go up to town or not.


Breathe again, they're using rope...I've just read the programme.
So I'll go up to town.

Dona Estrella tells me that it was indeed done 'live' not that long ago, under the aegis of a fire and brimstone priest....and there is certainly a feeling that it should be done 'live' again....but the current priest has dealt with that in masterly fashion by declaring that no one is worthy.
With man management skills like that he should be running the country.
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