Saturday, 14 May 2011

Blast you, Blogger....

I suppose Friday the thirteenth was too much temptation......Blogger shut itself down and when it reappeared it had swallowed not only my last post...but also the last draft of it!
My apologies to people kind enough to whom I had not time to reply.

Oh...and just to round off the day we had an earthquake....6 on the Richter scale, epicentre four kilometres away.
Luckily it was 74 kilometres deep, so all we had were two shock waves which sent the chandelier circling, pictures sliding on their cords and the house buckling like ice cream in the sunshine for the thirty seconds it all lasted.

And as for animals having a sixth sense.....the dog slept through the lot!


  1. I think the Blogger people have had a seriously bad couple of days. I wouldn't have liked to be on the team. It hadn't occurred to me that it was Friday 13th...

    People often slag Blogger off, but I'm amazed they provide this service for free (I know they must get income from aspects of it, but it's not directly from our pockets).

    Animal's sixth sense? The dog knew it was 74 km deep...

  2. Pueblo girl, you're quite right...I'm being uncharitable and ungrateful.

    My only excuse is the memory of past occasions when their system wouldn't allow me to post!

    You're right about the dog too...I think I'll offer his services to the local seismological authorities....

  3. It seemed to be down for a couple of days, or maybe that was just me. Generally they do a really good job though, and heaven knows how they make any money, but I think that about many of these internet services.

  4. Sarah, I had realised it was down the evening before...well, that's just one of those things with the internet.
    What niggled me was to have it come back with a post missing...O.K. another thing with the internet...but also the final draft of it gone too!

    I do have problems with Blogger refusing to put up posts...and with its lack of communication when there are losing the draft was the icing on the cake for me!

    I don't know how they make money either....a bit like Skype, which is a great service.

  5. Well, it's back at last and it's great to see you again!

  6. The Broad, many thanks!
    I do moan a lot, I know...

  7. I think I caught your post before it disappeared. It's very annoying to spend time and effort writing something only to have it deleted before your very eyes. I expect there was much grinding of teeth...

  8. Sarah, what annoyed me was that I had not replied to people kind enough to leave comments!

  9. It's OK to have a bit of a moan Fly..I was moaning too this week as I also lost a draft and several comments on other posts were swallowed up. Haha aren't we ungrateful? I'm just grateful that the ban has been lifted in Turkey, but we now have a big deal going on with's going to end up like China pretty soon!

  10. Fly, Blogger are gradually restoring the posts they took off when the system went haywire on Thursday and have even promised to restore the missing comments too. Howe long it will take them to it all remains to be seen. I'm not missing any posts but a few comments and replies disapppeared and aren't back yet.

    Glad your earthquake wasn't too bad. We had quite a big one (by UK standards) here in Mid-Wales some years ago (from a known fault in Snowdonia)and it was a distinctly unsettling experience.

  11. Poor Blogger! I've been writing hear for 6 years and I've never known it to crash for an entire day. A cyber earthquake of sorts...

  12. Ayak...frustrating isn't it!
    I'm glad the ban is what's all this about censorship?

    Perpetua, thanks for the information...I'd missed Blogger's explanation having been out for the day and the earthquake distracted me somewhat.

    Steve, I think I have a persecution complex where Blogger is concerned...

  13. Fly, I don't knowwhether you've been following Blogger's updates about the restoration work in Blogger Buzz, but in case you haven't, here's the latest, posted at 7am UK time:

    Update (5/15 10:55PM PST): Blogger should be back to normal for the vast majority of people affected by this issue -- if posts are still missing, please check your drafts (you may need to republish). We are in the process of restoring comments made during the affected period from 7:37am PDT on 5/11 to 1:30pm PDT on 5/12. If you still have other issues, please contact us via the temporary form we’ve set up for this particular issue. Thanks again for bearing with us, we’re deeply sorry for the inconvenience we caused. We’ll share an incident report later this week.

    Your lost post still isn't showing, so perhaps you might want to use their form to say so?

  14. Perpetua, thank you. Phil also offered good advice, so I'll have a go!

  15. Hi Fly,

    Sorry to hear about Blogger and earthquake. Glad you are well. Friday 13th was a rubbish day for me too although I realise over there you will have martes trece (Tuesday 13th - bad luck day)...had news that:
    1. A grant I was seeking was turned down flat.
    2. Someone close to me had died (this is in no particular order).
    3. The weather was rubbish and I'd not got through to next round of business challenge (I was involved in) all in was not the best day!

    I can't compete with an earthquake though so just v. glad you are all in one piece!! Abrazos fuertes C xxx

  16. Hadriana's treasures, there are some days that feel as if you had gone through an earthquake, even if you hadn't.