Monday, 16 May 2011

Like to share your favourite recipes?

Have you had this experience? You go on holiday, or go away on business and once you're off the beaten 'international food as offered by hotels ' track you don't know what to ask for when you enter a local restaurant.

MyCityCuisine is a wiki project, aiming to show what is available all over the world by asking people to come forward with local dishes...the dishes people generally eat in their area, dishes that are generally available, with a brief description of their ingredients and cooking style.

So take a look at their site...see if you can contribute something...or just get tempted to visit a city from the descriptions of its food!


  1. What an interesting idea, Fly. I glanced at Venice , as I'm off to Italy for a short triip with DD at the weekend and am already drooling in anticipation.....

  2. Perpetua, Emilie McDonough, who is running the site, contacted me to see if I would put up a there it is.

    Venice! I went with my father when I was a November.
    Foggy, damp and absolutely gorgeous!
    Why I never went back I do not know...!

  3. Part of the lure of travek is trying new, authentic foods... this web site is a great idea.

  4. Steve, isn't it just!
    But will it save you from pointing to something in Chinese and finding yourself with a plate of 'long simmered orange flavoured ox penis'.

  5. So how do you like your ‘Parrot’ served out there in downtown San Jose on a Friday night then Fly? Boiled in rum an coke, slow sun baked all weekday mornings for a month, monsoon steamed in battered palm leaves with gujons of deep fired tarantula legs, spatch-cocked & harshly grilled on the conquistador helmet Barbie - or as a bit of a sentimental nod to your decades endured in the land of the Gaul’s…’Confit de Parrot dans un ananas caramelled et la sauce chili - served with spiced Haggis samosas – et hand machete’d frites ala Costa Rica Rica Rica’ ?

    (sorry – Steve will get the purpose of those last three words though)

    Or perhaps your more of a ‘surf & turf’ lot down there – ie…’A platter of delicious Pan-ama fried local Shark bites served with our ‘finest coke smoked’ Parrot wings on a bed of truly ‘infuriated’ freshly stolen wild Costa Rican rice - y patatas fritas ¿

    Don’t get me going on food & cooking Fly. Very pretty please. It’s costing a fortune as it is for the daily counselling to stop me starting the trillionth and thirteenth ‘unique approach’ food blog…which I’ve had every intention of doing inspite of the banalic bulimic therapist. I’m just waiting for her to die of starvation in the next few months.

    And ‘she’ by the way…is paying me. No really!

    P.s. As I was uploading this comment just now, my toe legged it in the dark of my cave and nudged my PC's 'kill' button without texting me 1st, and I thus became 'deaded'.

    Have you seen sight of my reading glasses over there by the way?

  6. I think the food is often one of our most vivid memories of places visited. I can't think of Italy for instance without my mouth watering

  7. Phil, just tell me which town you are honouring with these delicacies and I will steer a wide berth, now I've stopped laughing.

    Mark, complete agreement.
    I've found s town here settled by Italian immigrants in the 1950s and intend to go there just to eat!