Thursday, 22 December 2011

Nature's Carols

While at breakfast this morning, I heard this sound....the beating of wings as first one then another Montezuma Oropendola flew into the madera negra tree beside the balcony.

The first two were followed by two more, taking the early morning sun...and I began to hope that they might form a colony.

In previous years I had seen singletons crossing the valley, but this was the first time a group had appeared and as breakfast continued they began to chatter .

This was the first bird I heard...and then Costa Rica, when visiting the country for the first time and I was lucky enough to see one performing its mating ritual on a tree near the house in which I was staying.
It would be the first bird about in the mornings, warbling and swinging forward on its branch as if bowing to the mate it was trying to attract, its flash of yellow tail feathers making it easy to spot.

I would be delighted if the group were to take up residence as their nests are spectacular...though I think they usually prefer dead trees or those more scarcely furnished with leaves than the madera negra...but we shall see.

In the meantime, I am delighted by their presence....wonderful breakfast guests!

It has always amused me that while Costa Rica has many magnificent birds it has chosen perhaps the most drab as its national emblem... the clay robin.
Mark you, there is something to be said for not plumping for something exotic like the quetzal, as did Guatemala, only to find that it has declined to the point of extinction.
Not flashy, Costa Rica.

The calls of different birds...from parrots to laughing falcons via blue grey tanagers....enliven the balcony all day...nature's carols.

I am not sure if the bird calls will be audible...but you can hear a vast range on this site to whet your appetite.
Try the Laughing Falcon...worse than the Laughing Policeman!
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  1. Beautiful. Certainly beats the land based gulls that swoop over me on my way to work each morning.

  2. Gorgeous, Fly. Unknown birds AND birdsong - what a treat. It brings it home to me yet again what a very different and to me exotic place you live in.

  3. Gorgeous! My mother and stepfather were avid birdwatchers though they never snapped photos. The binoculars were always nearby. Sometimes I miss the tropics. I hope you and Mr. Fly enjoy Christmas.

  4. Perpetua, I'm glad the birdsong link worked....there are some fantastic noises on the website.
    We're on a migration track, so are lucky enough to see transient birds as well as the all the year rounders...but I still think 'Guinness' when I see the toucans flying past...!

  5. Haha! The Guinness ad;remember it well.
    Your birds are gorgeous! We have some "pretty" ones here and some brilliant songsters, but I think the deep tropics have us licked.
    On the upside, I managed a couple of photos of brolgas the other day (see blog)and the sunbirds appear to be nesting again.

  6. How thought provoking to see (and hear!) a collection of tropical birds during this time of year. Can't not love holidays in warm places! Cheers from beautiful (snowy!) Colorado!

  7. How fantastic to learn of the birds of Costa Rica. The world is an incredible place, still.

    Thanks Fly!

  8. e, Mr. Fly loves birds and is much mire expert than I'll ever be...but, like your parents, it's the binoculars and not the camera!
    I wish i'd known about the tropics years ago...

    dinahmow...I clocked your blog...those birds are superb! I should take the camera out with me in the car. And speaking of clocks...the Guinness clock?

    Valerie, I hope it warmed Colorado for a moment...

    Genius Loci...isn't it just! Something new and lovely everywhere except in the minds of politicians...

  9. And dropping by here too (see comment, other blog) - have a great Christmas

  10. Mark, and best wishes to you and your family.