Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sharing...the pleasure of blogging

Ayak, at Ayak's Turkish Delight, has very kindly passed me this Liebster
award. The idea is to pass it along, with each recipient presenting five other blogs with less than 200 introduce readers to blogs they might not have come across otherwise.

I owe Ayak a great deal....without her I would still be at the boiling of head and throwing heavy objects stage of coping with IT ...not to speak of Blogger.
I still think our 'computing for numpties' would be a handy guide for those who did not grow up with a computer attached to their finger ends....people like me who are still basically unsure about what a 'browser' is...let alone what it does.
I shall be enlisting her support shortly for coping with a laptop equipped with some sort of metal plate with which some optimist expects me to 'navigate'....
Why don't they just print a compass rose on the benighted thing!

Blogging has opened so many windows for and  photography in particular...has unbuttoned me too in my views on the way in which other people live their has been and is an education.

As always, fulfilling the conditions gives me problems.

I follow some French and Spanish language blogs which are both enjoyable and useful.....but I have the impression that this is English language stuff....but do 'Google Translate' the Costa Rican recipe website on my blogroll...that man can cook!

Then...the 200 followers condition. Crumbs...if I ever get to 200 followers I shall suspect I've inadvertently used some phrase with a sexual connotation! (Which may be how the mega bloggers work..the thought has just occurred to me...)
Some blogs have follower lists...some do not. I'd hate to give offence by indicating...however obliquely...that a blog has fewer followers than is the case.

Still, reminding myself that bloggers are unlikely to bring a legal process against me, I shall take the plunge.

Chez Charnizay...for a view of Loire Valley life from two medievalists...and damn good photographers!

la Mujer Libre...for honesty and humour. A Scot...of course..

The Diary of Amy Rigby...who opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Another Day of Crazy...who has the mother from hell...but British Dad interested...

Prospero's Cellphone...expat life in Corfu...Belgian food..but so far, no cricket.

Thank you, Ayak, for reminding me of all the pleasures of discovery that blogging brings.

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  1. You're welcome Fly. Oh're probably right about the ─▒nadvertant use of key words that attract hadn't occurred to me till you mentioned it.
    A metal plate for navigating? Oo-er...the mind boggles!!

  2. Well deserved, I'd say, Fly.
    You (both here and in France!) are a delight to read.
    Now, I shall hop over to your list.I've already come across Another Day of Crazy.

    And the laptop with the touch pad? It's what I now have, but pssst...I plugged in my mouse!

  3. Ayak, if only I knew what key phrases with sexual connotation to use! I can plug in my mouse?
    Wonderful!Ain't the internet wonderful!
    I suspect you are well above the 200 mark but have no way of knowing,so ca'd canny.

  4. Very well deserved in my opinion. Display your award with pride.

  5. Ooh, I've had one of those awards, must get round to blogging about it!

    I must also take a look at your recommendations, Fly. I have great faith in your judgement. :)

  6. Steve, from the master of Bloggertropolis..that's a compliment!

    Sarah, do put something's always fascinating to know what is rated by bloggers whose opinion I respect.

  7. Thank you Fly!! I got such a "high" from being amongst your blog recommendations!
    You are so right though - blogging has opened my eyes; given me a sense of commonality; reminded me of how we share so much regardless of geographical distance or language or local custom - and pointed me to new ways of seeing the world. It's also let the clumsy writer in me sing...
    I will follow your other links. Your own blog fascinates and illuminates. Thank you again.

  8. la mujer libre, I enjoy your always takes me time to get round to 'following'...and Blogger isn't always as helpful as it might be...!
    Who this clumsy writer?...Not you.

  9. Well done, Fly, and richly deserved. You're so right about the way blogging opens windows. Lots of fresh air and wide views are good for the soul. Many thanks for the links - off now to explore....

  10. Perpetua, thank you!
    I'm all in favour of open windows...looking forward to meeting your picks!

  11. Congratulations Fly, well deserved.

    I have a question. I followed "France and the unknown", as I think you did. Well, her site's been taken over by some horrible and prolific fashion blog, and I can't delete it from the list of blogs I'm following. Any ideas?

  12. Pueblo girl...thank you.
    Yes, it's all over my dashboard as well. I'll try to get rid of it and if i have any success I'll tell you.

  13. Pueblo girl, I went to manage the blogs I follow, rolled down to France and the Unknown, double clicked on settings which brought up a window headed F and the U and on the right was an option to stop following the site. I clicked asked me if I was sure(!) so I clicked again and the whole caboodle disappeared.

  14. Hmmm. I'll try again, but i've been doing that repeatedly this evening with no effect to date. Thanks anyway.

  15. Pueblo took me quite a time to find how to do it...but it worked. Perhaps Blogger is playing Friday 13th games....

  16. Congratulations! Both your blogs are a joy to read.
    OOh Fly Thank You!! A silly grin appeared on each of our faces at your nomination :-)
    We are a bit late with thanks but had some work wich needed finishing and are just catching up on blog reads.
    Blogging has indeed opened a whole new series of horizons!

  17. Niall and Antoinette, you're most welcome...your blog gives me a lot of pleasure.
    I'm just wondering to whose blogs you will introduce me...

  18. If I ever get 200 followers I shall suspect I've inadvertently used some phrase with a sexual connotation!

    So that must put you in the same position as Nick Clegg - he'd probably be glad of the thought (the 200 followers that is, not the sexual one.....)

  19. Mark, somehow 'sexual connotation' and 'Nick Clegg' are concepts totally alien, one from the other...

  20. Is Blogger now the Company-that-shall-not-be-named? I've still got to figuire out what I'm doing blog-wise. Then I've got to update my links. Visiting your blog always makes me feel better.

  21. Mary Anne Gruen, I'm wrestling with Wordpress in far Wordpress is winning.