Friday, 1 July 2011

The Alexanders of the internet

When Blogger last went haywire, I had trouble accessing the e mail account associated with my Google account, so, fool that I was, I decided to bring things up to date.

When will I ever learn to let sleeping algorithms lie!

The result was that Blogger did not recognise the new Google account as giving access to my blog and instead set me up with a whole new blank...or blankety

I tried -  and probably misunderstood - the solutions put up by both parties, Google and Blogger, undecided as to which was the Evil Twin, with no success whatsoever and then abandoned the whole problem as I had to go to the U.K. when my 95 year old mother needed a hand with her arrangements to go into hospital for an operation on her knee.

You can put a lot of things to the back of your mind when you're sharpening the scythes on the hub of a wheelchair.

I returned....still no way of accessing my blog....and then the Gordian knot uniting Google and Blogger in internecine strife was cut asunder by the great people at BlogCatalog.

I don't know what they did, but it worked, so many thanks to the modern Alexanders!


  1. Glad you managed to get it sorted. Blogger is driving me nuts at the moment. I lost a post yesterday but fortunately two of my followers who are clearly cleverer than I am, found it for me. Now I'm having problems posting comments on some of the blogs I follow...not all of them..and that doesn't make sense does it?
    I just clicked on the link to BlogCatalog thinking that this would be so useful to hae saved...and guess what? It's another of the thousands of websites banned here...aaargh!

  2. Alexanders? Sound like a couple of Davids to me (to the Goliath's of Blogger and Google)!

  3. “…when you're sharpening the scythes on the hub of a wheelchair.” Best Boudica joke I’ve ever heard. Cut’s right to the chase.

    Glad all is well out there in the jungle at last. Thought you’d gone off for a spell of parrot shooting…and got lost. I sent Livingstone in to find you. Haven’t heard a dicky Macaw from him since.

    Time for you to kick back, throw down a jug of chilled banana wine and sharpen your Sulphur Winged Parakeet quills, cos I’m gagging to know what dodgy dealings the old jungle drums have been beating there bongo’s about these last few months out there.

  4. Ayak, if only Blogger would respond to problems...even if only in a generic way. They must see the cries for help going up.
    Goodness only knows why BlogCatalog is's what it says.
    Or is that the problem?

    Steve, and why not be British about this...... Gog and Magog?

    Phil, you can't have met mother.....they'd better not put off her op or it'll be Molotov cocktails at Southampton General before they can blink.

  5. Great to see you back posting at last, Fly. Hope your mother's operation went/goes well (delete as appropriate) and give my best wishes to a feisty 95-year-old still willing to do what she has to for quality of life.

  6. I do hope things go smoothly for your mother.

  7. Perpetua, it was such a problem...and then I had to go to the U.K....and I'll certainly pass on best wishes to mother....though I am very grateful to the NHS for seeing the validity of keeping her independent.

    e, Thank you. The op is going ahead, but delayed during the holiday period....she had some distinctly odd questions during her assessment which I'll put on the French Leave blog. They stunned did the responses.