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Seven Links Project

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Ayak of Ayak's Turkish Delight sent this over to me.....and while it will be pleasant to resurrect some blog posts - thank goodness she didn't plump for French Leave...I'd be here to Doomsday -  I started to put my ears back in fright when I saw the first category....'My Most Beautiful Post'.

I don't do 'beautiful'....I do 'ghosties and ghoulies and long leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night', I do 'miffed', I can ghast flabber to a nicety....but beautiful

However, onward and upward. Ours not to reason why...

First...the  rules.
One has to be nominated by another Blogger....thank you Ayak, I'll be speaking to you later....

Then one publishes seven links, one for each category...

Then one drops five more bloggers in it...

The categories.

My most beautiful post.
Why don't I do the sense of deeply meant, moving or heartfelt?
I am of a reticent generation when it comes to emotion.....I might and do feel it, but it's written expression does not come naturally to me.
As I think I commented on one of Pueblo girl's posts, I use words to cauterise emotion.
So I'm offering Round the Garden in this section, with some photographs of flowers in the area round the house.
Well...they're beautiful, aren't they?

My most popular post.
Like Ayak I was a bit bemused here by views, comments and whatnots. While Shark attacks again came out on top on the stats, I know that a lot of this was because of the publicity Ayak kindly gave it in welfare circles...and I think it belongs in another category  Law South of the Pecos it is.

My most controversial post.
Please Adjust your dress before Leaving didn't make any waves on the net...but it certainly upset a few American expats in Costa Rica!

My most helpful post.
Coming to Costa rica...or getting away from France.  When it's time to go it's time to go....and I wish people wouldn't be constrained by worrying about what other people might think or make of their decision.

A post whose success surprises me.
Alistair Cook and the Whore of Babylon.....the sheer kindness of people commenting on the Stylish Blogger award amazed me...and, with current news in mind, how apt to be thinking of The News of The World again....!

A post which I feel did not get the attention it deserved.
None of my posts deserves attention....I write for my own pleasure.
 There is, of course, the one that Blogger swallowed and has not regurgitated which featured visions of The Neighbour nattily clad in crisp white hat with a curly brim and loincloth, swinging through the trees to cut off the neighbourhood's telephone lines yodelling
'Me Tarzan, you stuffed!'
But thanks to Blogger you'll never see it!

The post I'm most proud of.
Shark Attack. I know sharks are not the most endearing of creatures...but no living thing should be treated like this...and thanks again to Ayak for putting out the word.

Now, five bloggers who can offer plenty of the goods in all of the above categories.....but only if they have the time and group pressure here.

Pueblo girl.....I have a long memory, my friend....

Pacificmelody's Blog......for all the things I can't say and do...

Blogitandscarper.....he's a lot more than EEEEEOOOWWW....

Sophie's Words...which might be new to you....

And the glorious HATTATT...which will need no words of explanation once you take a look.

Good reading!

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  1. I had not picked up your blog when you wrote the shark post, but I'm proud of you for airing it. That, and many other practices are condoned/ignored/encouraged in the grab for money.

  2. moreidlethoughts, I know I get surprises going back over blogs I thought I knew...
    The shark business horrified does the political and financial context.

  3. Inimitable as always, Fly. I don't know what you were worrying about. I nearly spluttered my early-morning tea all over the keyboard, catching up with some of the posts I'd missed.

    It's a good project, isn't it? Fun to discover older posts and also the personality of the blogger comes through well in the selection.

  4. You've upset a few American expats? I knew there was a reason I liked you.


  5. Thankyou for accepting the challenge Fly...and I hope you won't bear a grudge. I had to choose someone and I knew you would do it justice.

    I see you feel exactly the way I do about the "post that didn't get the attention it deserved"...we are the same in that respect...we blog primarily for our own enjoyment....attention is always a pleasant surprise though.

    I gave a huge "phew" when I'd completed my doubt you did too..

  6. Perpetua, I suppose I nit pick over how to fit stuff into the categories...I can ask questions about the questions all day given half a chance!

    Steve....I do my best (modest blushes)....

    Ayak, of course no grudges, but I did find it hard going, I suppose because I don't categorise in the same way as the originator of the project.
    It's a bit like those 'getting out of your comfort zone' writing exercises people suggest doing...not on your nelly!
    My comfort zone is where I operate.
    Old inflexible, that's me.

  7. Goodness me! Thank you so much for nominating 'Sophie's Words'for the Seven Links Project. I'm really touched and flattered, and will enjoy the challenge.

    I shall enjoy reading your own seven links - they look really intriguing!

    Best wishes,

  8. But all your posts are so good. I especially like the one's when you take on authority - actually, that's all of them isn't it?

  9. Okay…I give in. I bin trying to a) Read all those great and worthy posts again b) Comment on one I missed earlier c) Find a comment that may have already been Blogga lunched by the first set of sadly brutalised sharks – and all I’m doing here today is fending off disruption and harassment in my parallel universe over here. So, for now, I’m going to have to respectfully ‘take my leave’ Mme Fly and thus escape back here another day soon to pick up that gauntlet you through at me…and start all over again.

    ‘Blast back’ soon then Fly Rica.

    “Muchas gracias por el gesto. Usted muy mal insolentes poco loro!”.

  10. Sophie Keates-Gazey, anyone who can put up a post about the wonderful pubs of Belfast...followed by Moby Dick... can hold up her head in any company...

    Mark...there has to something about authority, doesn't there?
    Still flying the black flag here...

    Bish Bosh Bash...and I'm still working through enhance my education.

  11. I used to go bump in the night, but the polis kept on arresting me for it the next morning.

  12. Jimmy...they just can't seem to take a joke, can they?

  13. I've just commented on your comment about Beestings but thought I should drop in on you - when is there ever the time to do justice to other blogs? Meaning to start working through your Seven Links, I got completely side-tracked by Steve. Such folly. Anyway I checked out your Round the Garden post (naturally) and feel giddy with the reality of a Costa Rican garden. During my recent week in Wellington, I drooled over these same plants in the Bot Gardens hot house. Cheers

  14. Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden, I'll go back to grandmother's notebook for the beestings recipe...if not waylaid by Steve!

  15. Has it been a month already since I last posted? I wish I could say that this was because life was so exciting...

    Thanks for nominating me. It'll give me something to cling to when posting again.

    Glad to see you back.

  16. Pueblo girl, I've just realised that Blogger swallowed my reply to you..sorry.

    Come on, how can life not be exciting with a whippet?