Monday, 9 July 2012

Something's gone AWOL....

Further to the item on Bailey bridges it would be salutary to read this post on Flies in the Ointment, which wonders aloud where one might find the Bailey bridges bought and lavishly paid for....but invisible to the naked eye.

A super blog on the underbelly of Costa Rica for those whose Spanish isn't up to reading the Infierno - also on the blogroll on the right.


  1. I was clearly in the wrong business. No-one ever tried to bribe me with anything :(

  2. always illuminating to learn what is going 'wrong' on the other side of the world

    1. Yes, we tend to think it's just our own countrythat has 'problems'....

  3. Oh, one thing I have been meaning to ask... don't know if it is possible... but you have 2 blogs called Costa Rica Calling and I manage infallibly to click the wrong one each time. Is it possible for you to rename? Or, (you might well ask) is it possible for me to just get it into my head that it is the TOP one I am supposed to click? Just not sure about the latter :D

    I have been thinking how there seem to be so many instances of corruption and gruesome incompetence in Britain lately but I'm starting to feel that perhaps this kind of stuff always happened everywhere, but we just didn't know about it here.

  4. Yes,I'll try to do something.
    the first blog was comprehensively Bloggered so I transferred it to the second and carried on. I'll try to delete it.

    Coming from Britain all those years ago France took me aback in terms of the open corruption and unbelievable incompetence - the flip side of what we are told about it.
    As far as Britain is concerned I think that once politicians and civil servants saw what was happening in the EU, they went for the opportunities with a vengeance and that, allied to the ideology that business knows best and doesn't need regulating gave rise to the corruption.
    To think, we once thought Reggie Maudling was scandalous!

    As to the incompetence...blame the lack of individual shareholder power in businesses. The men running them now run them for their own proft supported by boards of other shysters.

    Foaming at the mouth she retires....